Some recent work


Anchoring pragmatics in syntax and semantics. UMass Amherst, Linguistics (2011) (pdf)
[The document above still contains some typos and some of the content has been further refined during the process of writing the different papers for submission to different journals]


    • 2023. Being pragmatic about biscuits. (with Arno Goebel) (draft), in Linguistics & Philosophy.
    • 2020. Non-informative assertions: The case of non-optional wh-in-situ. Semantics & Pragmatics 13. (
    • 2019. Prenuclear L*+H activates alternatives for the accented word (Bettina Braun and María Biezma) Frontiers in psychology.
    • 2017. Or what? (with Kyle Rawlins) Semantics & Pragmatics 10. (
    • 2015. Alternative questions. (with Kyle Rawlins) Language and Linguistics Compass 9: 11,  450-468. 
    • 2014. Multiple focus strategies in pro-drop languages: evidence from ellipsis. Syntax 17(2), 91–131. (draft)
    • 2012. Responding to alternative and polar questions (with Kyle Rawlins) Linguistics & Philosophy 35, 361–406 (draft)
    • (under revision) Consequents gone missing: The case of impoverished conditionals in Spanish

Refereed collections of papers

  • 2018. Givenness and the difference between wh-fronted and wh-in-situ questions in Spanish. Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 13, pages 21–39. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (draft)

Proceedings and other refereed conferences

  • 2021 Prosody is adding what?: Echo questions are not a thing (with Bettina Braun and Angela James) Proceedings of SALT 31.  (draft)
  • 2019 Presupposing questions. Proceedings of SuB 23. (draft)
  • 2018. Polar Questions vs. Kya Questions in Hindi/Urdu (with Miriam Butt and Farhat Jabeen), GLOW 41.
  • 2018. A case of if-clauses on their own. Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL) 48.
  • 2017. Rhetorical questions: Severing questioning from asking (with Kyle Rawlins) Proceedings of SALT 27. (draft)
  • 2017. Interpretation of Urdu/Hindi polar kya. (with Miriam Butt and Farhat Jabeen) XPrag Workshop Not-at-issue meaning and information structure. Oslo, 2017.
  • 2016. The pragmatic ingredients to get perfect biscuits (with Arno Goebel) Proceedings of SuB 21 (draft)
  • 2016. Or what?: Challenging the speaker. (with Kyle Rawlins) Proceedings of NELS 46. (draft)
  • 2016. Discourse rationality and the counterfactuality implicature in backtracking conditionals. (with Ana Arregui) Proceedings of SuB 20. (Draft).
  • 2014. The grammar of discourse: The case of thenProceedings of SALT 24. (draft)
  • 2014. Bundling questions and granularity in discourse (with Kyle Rawlins). Talk at Semantics and Philosophy in Europe 7, ZAS Berlin, June 26–28.
  • 2014. Counterfactuality in non-standard subjunctive conditionals (with Dan Siddiqi and Andrew Carnie). Proceedings of NELS 43. 25–36 (draft)
  • 2013. Only one at least: Refining the role of discourse in building alternatives. In Kobey Shwayder (ed.), PWPL 19.1: Proceedings of Penn Linguistics Colloquium 36, pg. 12–19. (draft)
  • 2012. Or what? (with Kyle Rawlins). Talk given in DGFS (Questions In Discourse workshop), Frankfurt, March 2012.
  • 2012 Conditional inversion and GIVENNESS. Proceedings of SALT 21 (draft)
  • 2011.  Optatives: deriving desirability from scalar alternatives. Proceedings of SuB 15 (draft)
  • 2010.  Inverted antecedents in hidden conditionals. Proceedings of NELS 40 (draft)
  • 2009. Using alternative questions to corner the addressee. CLA 2009
  • 2009. Alternative vs Polar Questions: the cornering effect. Proceedings of SALT 19 (draft)
  • 2009. Focus in Spanish: a processing perspective. Linguistic Symposium on Romance languages (LSRL) 39
  • 2009. Processing evidence for multiple focus-assignment strategies. CUNY 22
  • 2008. A covert modal in Spanish, Linguistics Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL) 38
  • 2008. On the consequences of being small: Imperatives in Spanish, Proceedings of NELS 38 (draft)
  • 2008. On the Interpretation of Pronouns in Spanish Imperatives, Proceedings of NELS 38 (draft)
  • 2007. An Expressives Analysis of Exclamatives in Spanish, Going Romance 21 (paper)
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